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From Carstensz Pyramid Peak - Back to Sugapa 

It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

(Sir Edmund Hillary)


Basecamp - Nasidome (Jul 27, 2013)

Day 10, the day after we accomplished the Carstensz Pyramid’s summit. We woke up a bit late, and at 11 a.m departing from the Carstensz basecamp, starting our journey back. We went through the same track as before. Today’s journey was cheered up by icy rain – pepper-sized ice poured from the sky, bring cold wind to blow. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the rock wall, and went down carefully through the Carstensz zebra wall.  
ekspedisi jaya wijaya
Lake Larsen

At about 6.30 p.m we arrived at Nasidome. Cold weather caused bleeding on our nails, while  small scratches on finger skin started to widen because of long-time exposure to humid. Inner side of my nose also got poignant and bleeding. Some of us skipped dinner and opted to rest in the tent.

Nasidome - Endatapa (Jul 28, 2013)

We started our journey at 8 a.m today, day-11 estimate trek was 35 km. It was a bright day, and the path was up and down hilly mountains.  We tried to walk at constant pace. Mid day, we stopped to take lunch in Kambugi these food was tasteless, and we ate just to maintain food intake needed by our body.


At 3 p.m we arrived at Ebay camp, stopped to rest for a while, and continued the journey. As the sun went down in the west, we were still trekking this seemingly endless path. Later we turned our headlamp on, following the swamp step by step – and it got worse the nearer to the camp. 

We arrived at Endatapa camp at 8.30, straightly copped up in the tent and rest. I skipped dinner this night, just craving some snack and dried date fruit.

Endatapa - Endasiga (Jul 29, 2013)


As we had breakfast today, our guide brief us about today’s track – that it would normally take 6 hours. I was pessimistic about this ‘normal time’ definition because all these days we had always walked for 10 hours daily. But who cares with whatever the estimate, just do it! And we started at 9 a.m.

Today’s path was hills, swamps, with tree roots and slippery unrooted trees. Porters walked ahead , they had really strong stamina and good tracking skill.  Heavy load they carried seemed have no influence to their speed.

At 2 p.m we arrived at Camp Honai Payung, rested for a while then continued. The forest got darker, and we walked with our headlamps on. Rain continuously poured, made my body tremble. Finally we arrived at Endasiga camp at 7 p.m. Next to the camp was the wild Wabui river .. I remembered being attacked by bees there several days back then.

Camp Honai Payung


Endasiga - Sugapa (Jul 30, 2013)


We woke up cheerfully  as today we were about to meet civilization and other human being. Yes, today we’re supposed to arrive at Sugapa village. This morning was the last packing day, the last tracking day, say good bye to swamps of Carstenz .

And tomorrow we’d be able to take a good bath and clean our body after 12 days, and took care of our suppurating wound.

Everyone was cheerful and enthusiastic, tonight we’d sleep on a comfortable warm bed.

We started moving at 9 a.m. The path was muddy as it rained last nght. Some bridges were swept away by the river so our porters had to fix them.

Although we went through the same path, this second time we felt more confident in facing eroded sloped cliff, slippery log bridge, or swamp. 

carstensz pyramid
Wild River - more confident this second time

As we all had the same target to reach Sugapa today, on the contrary porters trid to slow down . Only one valid motivation : add 1 more day tip!
They walked so slooowly behind, and  took a long rest at a river.. When we arrived at Swanggama, they tried to make us spend one more night there. Lucky, their leader John could take control and insisted them to continue walking.
But, their manner made them arrive too late at the point where motorcycle taxi would pick them up. And they had to walk the way down to Sugapa.

We arrived at Sugapa safely, at about 7.15 p.m by motorcycles. We waited for our porters who carried our bags. And just like a nightmare, some of them did not make it to Sugapa that night, instead, spent the night on the way to Sugapa with our belongings. 
So, we had to delay having a shower that evening .

Sugapa (Jul 31, 2013)

After a real good night sleep on a warm bed, we were greeted by the porters who brought our bags . We packed, and  got prepared to a flight to Timika.
Originally we’re planned to depart at 9 a.m, but bad weather delayed the plane from coming. After waiting for 3 hours, finally our plane came to take us from Sugapa to Timika. YES !!

As the plane took off at 2 p.m, I whispered goodbye to Sugapa, thank God for His companion during the days of our unforgettable  Carstensz Pyramid expedition, a journey to the roof of Indonesia.

Note : special thanks to provider Adventure Indonesia, and our professional guides to Carstensz Pyramid Peak : Meldy &  Poxy, for assisting us on this expedition.

Written by : Paman – a nature devotee



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