Minggu, 24 Februari 2013

Hunting Nature Around Bandung 1

These places offers you a piece of nature and are within 1-2 hours drive from Bandung. Please note, that as one of the most populated cities in the world, you're likely to find those place packed with local visitors during weekends and holidays.

The Tangkuban Parahu Crater

Tangkuban Parahu is famously known for its unique shape like an upturned boat ('Tangkuban' in Sundanese means upturned, while 'Parahu' means boat). It's located 30 km northern Bandung. This volcano is now dormant (last eruption was 1959) and has 3 'kawah' (craters): Kawah Ratu, Kawah Upas and Kawah Domas . Before visiting Tangkuban Parahu, you might want to know the legend of Tangkuban Parahu.

Tangkuban Parahu view from Bandung. Photo: encycl.opentopia.com

Kawah Ratu is the biggest and located just near the parking lot, and you can view the deep large crater from above, most of the time covered by thin mist because of low temperature. Sulfuric fume leaves the crater's surface up the gulch and to upper atmoshphere, brings distinct sulfur smell.
Kawah Ratu . Photo :http://www.navigasi.net

Rabu, 06 Februari 2013

Elephant Safari Park - Ubud, Bali

See, Touch, Feed, Ride an Elephant

For Indonesians and other Asians, elephants can be seen in almost any local zoo, so you don't have to go to Taro (it's 2-3 hours driving uphill from Kuta) to see them (although I admit, my family and I enjoyed visiting this Elephant Safari Park in Taro, Ubud) .
But for visitors from other part of the world where elephants can rarely found, this is a must-see attraction, and makes Bali a one-stop holiday destination that offers everything from beach, culture, and nature.

WAIT....what's so special about this elephant sanctuary?
See which high profile celebrities visited Elephant Safari Park :
Photo : Elephant Safari Park Brochure

Jean Claude van Damme,  Claudia Schiffer, Julia Roberts, Tony Blair, David Beckham, Jesica Biel and  the late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, are only a few of them. 

Selasa, 05 Februari 2013

Honolulu's Asian Chicken Salad Recipe

This time I'm honored to collaborate with Kendra Thornton, to share her travel story to Honolulu, and a great Asian Chicken Salad Recipe she replicated from her trip !

Kendra, being a guest writer, is  a long time travel expert who has been packing her bags and traveling the world since she was 3 months old, and a former Orbitz Director of Communications. 

I can feel her pure passion in sharing her memories of places she visited, and the good food she tasted. Enjoy reading !!

D.I.Y Asian Chicken Salad Recipe

While staying in Honolulu, there were so many things that I fell in love with, from the scenery and clear waters to the friendly people and great food.  Although I couldn't take everything home with me that I loved about Hawaii, I figured I could bring home the taste of Honolulu.