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Asyiknya Naik Kereta Wisata

Menikmati Kereta Wisata Bali

kereta wisata bali
Kompartemen Utama Kereta Bali

Apa itu kereta wisata? Kereta wisata adalah gerbong carter-an yang disewakan untuk grup sampai dengan 20an orang, dan ditempatkan pada rangkaian kereta api. Produk kereta wisata dikelola oleh PT Indorail, anak perusahaan PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero). Karena harganya cukup tinggi, gerbong mewah ini memang ditargetkan untuk menjaring pasar korporasi dan keluarga besar.

Sabtu, 16 Agustus 2014



From Carstensz Pyramid Peak - Back to Sugapa 

It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

(Sir Edmund Hillary)


Basecamp - Nasidome (Jul 27, 2013)

Day 10, the day after we accomplished the Carstensz Pyramid’s summit. We woke up a bit late, and at 11 a.m departing from the Carstensz basecamp, starting our journey back. We went through the same track as before. Today’s journey was cheered up by icy rain – pepper-sized ice poured from the sky, bring cold wind to blow. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the rock wall, and went down carefully through the Carstensz zebra wall.  
ekspedisi jaya wijaya
Lake Larsen

At about 6.30 p.m we arrived at Nasidome. Cold weather caused bleeding on our nails, while  small scratches on finger skin started to widen because of long-time exposure to humid. Inner side of my nose also got poignant and bleeding. Some of us skipped dinner and opted to rest in the tent.

Rabu, 23 Juli 2014

Libur Lebaran di Bandung? Ke Mercure Setiabudi Bandung, yuuk...!!

Pre-opening Promo dari Hotel Mercure Bandung

Minggu lalu saya mendapat undangan untuk meninjau Hotel Mercure Setiabudi Bandung, sebuah hotel dengan standar bintang 4 yang terletak di  Jl Dr Setiabudi No 269 - 275 Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. Hotel ini terletak di belakang resto Jing Paradise.

Rencananya hotel Mercure Setiabudi Bandung (Mercure Bandung) akan mulai beroperasi pada periode libur Lebaran 2014 ini, dengan mengadakan promo pre-opening. ( Untuk info lebih lanjut silakan langsung hubungi pihak Hotel Mercure Setiabudi Bandung (022) 82000000  )

Yuuk kita intip fasilitas yang sudah ada di Hotel Mercure Setiabudi Bandung ...

Minggu, 08 Juni 2014


A Journey To The Roof of Indonesia


In the mountains there are only two grades:

You can either do it, or you can't

Rusty Baille



After a long journey from day 1 where Paman and the team - consist of Paman, Mr and Mrs T , Mr S, one Austrian adventurer, one Norwegian , one Canadian (the two mentioned later are seven summiters) - started their Carstensz Pyramid expedition from Swanggama, went through  the jungle with swamps and wild rivers on day 2 - 7, challenged by savannah and steep cliff on day 7 - 9, finally the time came for  Carstensz Pyramid Summit Attack - the 4884 meter ASL fierce and mysterious peak.

July 26, 2014

2 a.m, in the dark and biting cold we woke up and wore all equipments prepared before. My heart beat anxiously...oh this is the time! We'll soon go to Carstensz Pyramid's peak ! Will I be able to do it? I remember one quote saying  In the mountains there are only two grades: You can either do it, or you can't - and I knew I had only one choice.

3 a.m, we left the basecamp, brought all valuables in our backpacks. Thank God the weather was friendly - no rain, no fog. After one hour walking up the hill through rocky path,lit by our headlamps, we arrived at summit climbing starting point. All equipments are left here : umbrellas, trekking pole, drinking water; and replaced by rock climbing gears. We wore special helmet, seat harness, brought sling cable and figure eights. Guide asked each of us to double check our equipments, because our life literally relied on them.

With prayer recited on our lips, we started to move up. First track was a 50-70 degree sloped rock wall.

carstensz expedition

As the first person started to climb, small rocks fell from above. One person followed by another. Each took step by step while also watching for rock falling form above.. "rock....rock..." was shouted to warn each other. A rock of 1-inch diameter can be painful when falling from 25 meter above.

The sky slowly turned brighter. I noticed at some points the safety rope started to be worn out. We keep climbing, reached for rope or wet rock wall to hold on and balancing our body. Our gloves already got wet. Then we got to an open ground covered by snow. Freeport, the giant gold mine, was clearly visible from here. 
carstensz expedition 2014

Minggu, 01 Juni 2014


A Journey To The Roof of Indonesia


“Never measure the height of a mountain, until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was.”
Dag Hammarskjold
In Part 1 Paman told us about how he got along with locals at Sugapa and Swanggama. 
Part 2 is about his expedition into the jungle with swamps and wild rivers. 
In this part, from the 7th day of the Carstensz Pyramid expedition the route did not get any easier, while the climbers got drained out day by day , both physically and mentally. 
Keep reading to see how Paman and the whole group came through this challenging situation, especially when he and the team got nearer to Carstensz summit attack



Ebay Camp - Nasidome Camp, July23


The sun shone so brightly that morning, it dried our wet clothes which we kept outside last night. I wore the trousers again, yeah....soon they will get into mud again. Then I took some time to take pictures of the Jayawijaya mountain range.

9.30 a.m we're ready to start, but porters prevented us and asked to do some 'talking'. We told them to talk to our guide, so we could start our track before them because  they would precede us anyway. We knew, the only 'talk' was about their fee. They must ask for an increase. We heard that porters from Sugapa are like that, a bit different with porters from Ilaga who are more professional.

So we started our journey up a muddy hill. Our boots were really powerful in such condition, but the skin near shin bones started to be irritated, and the pressure on our ankles made it painful on every step.

Our track today gave us distance view, compared to previous days when we went through jungles. Mountains and glacier on the Carstensz peak was vivid and clear. As we entered a wide savannah the view was amazingly breathtaking : the meadow, the river, the mountains, and the sky - altogether was perfectly painted by God's hand.

carstensz route

Minggu, 11 Mei 2014


A Journey To The Roof of Indonesia

carstensz track
"Men stumble over pebbles, never over mountains."
Marilyn French
In Part 1 Paman told us about how he got along with locals at Sugapa and Swanggama. Now the real expedition to Carstensz pyramid begins !

Day 3 - 6 : JAMBUSIGA - EBAY: Jungle with Wild rivers and swamps


Swanggama - Jambusiga Camp, July 19


Yes today our expedition to Carstensz Pyramid begins! At 7 a.m I've done my packaging. Porters packed tents, locals gathered and watched as these strangers prepare for the expedition. Curious children , gentlemen wearing koteka with riffle or arc and arrows in hands, hovering near us to get every chance to be photographed. Okay then...come everybody..say cheese..! Children chirped merrily, adults got really amazed seeing their  picture on the camera's LCD display, and the man with the riffle asked for a commission :(

carstenz expedition 2014

Some porters hawked their commodities : 
cigarettes, candies, instant noodle, areca, and fried snacks. As these items were laid on top of a plastic sack, flies started to come and landed on fried snacks, followed by dogs and pigs. 
The seller drove out these animals with a waive of a hand.

Minggu, 04 Mei 2014


A Journey To The Roof of Indonesia

puncak jaya

Climbing The Carstensz Pyramid , the 4.884 meter ASL peak - the highest in Australia continent, the one said to be the most mysterious of the seven summits, 
has been a dream for every mountainers.

And just like George Mallory quotes :
There's no dream that mustn't be dared
Our guest writer Paman accomplished it last 2013 mid year. 
Vanquishing fear, thinking that each step might be the end, 
this is an expedition of a lifetime.

Day 1 - 2 : TIMIKA - SUPAGA - SWANGGAMA : Getting Along With Locals


Timika - Sugapa , July 17


After spending one night in Timika, the next morning, July 17, 2013, we’re picked up at 07.30 local time (GMT +9) using 2 cars, headed to Moses Kilani airport. First thing to do there, is weighing our body and luggages, making sure that total weight of all cargo does not exceed our rented plane’s capacity.. 

timika sugapa transport
Load Weighing
And here we were, meeting our new acquaintance, the team members: Dr.Frans- an Austrian adventurer, Trygve a Norwegian “Seven Summitter”, Christ a Canadian soldier and “Seven Summitter”. They seem familiar to adventure and have been to some of the seven summits, 1800 paradoxically to the four of us a s" local tourists". Mr T,  Mr S and me are colleagues working in the same company, while Mrs T is Mr T’s wife – obviously.  

Light rain, dark cloud,  and it was estimated that our flight will depart on 10.30.  So we went back to Timika to get some coffee at a small shop just in front of Hotel Komoro.