Selasa, 11 Desember 2012

The Taxi Story - China

Do you have unique experience with taxi ? Submit your story for the next Taxi Story Strip Comic.

Disclaimer : This is only a part of unique real experience and not a generalization about a taxi driver in any particular place

Sabtu, 08 Desember 2012

Oyo River Tubing

Dare to Body-raft This River?

This is the 2nd part post about Gunung Kidul River  Tubing.

After admiring the stalagtites of Pindul Cave, continue enjoying the nature of Bejilharjo Village by walking along a rice field headed to Oyo River..

Following the Padi Field Heading To Oyo RIver

Stream at the start point of Oyo River is a bit hard, so hold your handle tight, relax, and let your tube float freely..
Start Point
After that short adrenalin moment, enjoy the unique karst stone along Oyo River

Pindul Cave Tubing Yogyakarta

Why You Should Try This Cave Tubing


Pindul cave is located at Gunung Kidul, a region 12 km north of Wonosari, Yogyakarta. By car, it's only 1.5 hours from Yogya city center, with good road condition. Surrounded by mountains, Gunung Kidul has several rivers flowing through caves, one of the caves is Pindul Cave.

The cave's beauty has attracted visitors to explore it, and for the past couple of years cave tubing has been very popular,especially for domestic tourists. It's relatively safe and easy to do ; just sit on a big floating tube , follow the current, and enjoy the surroundings. You can choose between Kalisuci (Suci river) or Pindul river. Last week I had a chance to do it at Pindul river (flowing through Pindul Cave), Bejilharjo village.

This horizontal Pindul cave has width of 5m, length of 350 m, and height of 4 m. Depth of river varies from point to point, ranges from 2 - 7 m (there're mixed information about this depth, but several sources mentioned about 7 m as the deepest point). Total journey is about 1 hour, cave condition is good, with a total-dark region in the middle of it, and calm water. You'll be provided a life jacket and a pair of rubber shoes. The guides wear headlamps. They will explain about the cave in detail: the stalagtite, stalagmite, vertical cave, and other information worth knowing.

These photos will sure explain it better than words..

Preparing to Enter Pindul Cave

Rabu, 05 Desember 2012

Bandung Culinary - Indonesian & Asian Food

Bandung offers rich choice of food, as well as snacks. From traditional one (Sundanese) to Asian, European, and fusion food. 
Restaurants in my review below is based on my personal valuation of food taste, restaurant ambience, service and overall quality (what you get for what you pay).  
Extend your stay at Bandung, and spoil your tongue here:

Sundanese/Indonesian Food

Raja Rasa  

Jl. Setra Ria No.1 , ph +62-22-200-5070

Good even for beginners to Indonesian culinary. Seafood and Sundanese cuisine at cozy atmosphere. Building has many openings, makes it very convenient to enjoy Bandung's cool weather. Spacious 2nd storey with large wooden table and floor-seat (lesehan) is our favourite. Good taste, fair price. 
Recommended : gurame bakar Jimbaran (BBQ pond fish with Balinese spice).

Bumbu Desa

Bandung outlets:
Jl. Setiabudi no 41, Jl. Laswi no 1, Jl Pasirkaliki (HOS Cokroaminoto) no 160

Traditional old-time sundanese cuisine cooked in traditional way.  Sundanese has some vegetables rarely found in other ethnics' culinary dictionary, like leunca, tespong, genjer, oncom. This restaurant brings those and other authentic Sundanese food compound in authentic kampong taste. You'd better eat in traditional way, too  : with your hands!!



Chinese Food

Jing Paradise 

Jalan Dr. Setiabudi 269-275 

Photos of Jing Paradise, Bandung

This photo of Jing Paradise is courtesy of TripAdvisor
 A newly-opened (mid 2012) fine dining restaurant serving fusion-style Chinese food, in an excellently designed restaurant. From premium shark's fin to abalon soup, from shrimp with wasabi sauce to peking duck, all comes perfectly cooked, beautifully decorated. First class taste, good ambience, is a trade-off of what you pay.  Choice of set menu (start from IDR 198,000++/pax) or a la carte.

Highly recommended place for business lunch/dinner, for family special occasion, or for just enjoying first class restaurant. Select your wine from the rack and let the celebration begins!
No pork, no lard.