Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

Pa'piong - Delicacy of Chicken Inside a Bamboo

More Than Finger Licking Good

Coming to Toraja, besides enjoying the funeral ceremony and visiting its unique burial sites, you must try Pa'piong - a perfect choice for your lunch.

Pa'piong is a specialty food of Tana Toraja. Chicken with spices are put inside a bamboo and then cooked in burning charcoal :

Then the bamboo is torn:

Smells good, tastes good, the chicken is tender and delicious :

Especially if you choose this black rice as Pa'piong's companion, it's rich in antioxidant, with distinct sweet flavor :

...and don't forget to also try this Pamarasan, pork (yes, pork) cooked with keluwak (indonesian spice that gives black color and special taste)...we love Pamarasan's superb taste
all thumbs up :

To enjoy your Pa'piong and Pamarasan, just ask your driver, your tour guide, or locals for this restaurant :

From the 2nd floor, you'll get an amazing view of  padi field and karst mountain :