Sabtu, 19 Januari 2013

Exotic Soups of Makassar

Makassar culinary is indeed more than just these soups, but these iconic soups are 'must try' at Makassar :

Coto Nusantara (Jalan Nusantara, Makassar) :

This is the front door of warung Coto Nusantara:

Inside is verrry crowded, especially in the morning until lunch time. 
The locals eat coto for breakfast or lunch.
The Coto Nusantara is 1-storey, you can see its whole area 
in this photo below:

Guests come, take a seat , place order, eat, and rashly go. 
You don't want to sit longer, because there must be someone else waiting 
to be seated, and's hot inside so you'll sweat a lot.
Here, you just want to eat good coto :
 tender sliced beef in hot soup - served in small bowl,  accompanied by ketupat/ 
buras (rice cooked with coconut milk )

Coto (left) and Buras (right)

Coto is IDR 14,000, Buras IDR 1000

Konro Karebosi 

It has several branches :
Jl. Gunung Lompobattang No 41, Jl. Dr Sam Ratulangi 82- E

Inside this 2-storey konro restaurant, you'll smell strong barbecued beef

The favourite is original konro karebosi (ribs) soup : 

But...this grilled ribs with peanut sauce (konro bakar) has become
the new favourite lately :

Pallu Basa (Jl. Serigala , Makassar)

Still beef-based soup, this pallu basa soup is nearly similar to coto, 
but it has additional herbs and spices, 
and you can add roasted grated coconut into it.
Served with rice.
The  warung, Pallu Basa Serigala,is verrry crowded just like the warung-coto.

Sop Sodara 

This soup originated from Pangkep, a regency 40 km northern of Makassar, 
but you can find it at Jl.Andalas, Makassar .
To my personal opinion, this soup is the most tasty and delicious among others reviewed here.
Tender beef and sliced lung is what's inside the soup. As a companion, you 
might like the grilled bandeng fish served with peanut sauce. 
All served with rice/ buras:


Remember to include this to your Makassar itinerary :

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Fort Rotterdam : built in 16th century and still sturdily stands today
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