Sabtu, 19 Januari 2013

Losari Beach - Makassar

Waterfront City Landmark

So famous is this Losari Beach, that every visitor is recommended (by the tour guide, by the internet) to come to Losari Beach

Central point of  Losari Beach is located at Jalan Penghibur, near Makassar city center. The government has made a 100.000-sq-meter open-air plaza in front of the beach, makes is a great waterfront square for public.
Although tourists are rarely seen here, but locals would come every afternoon around 5.30 p.m making Losari Beach really crowded and alive.

Locals love to spend their afternoon leisure time here, whether for admiring the floating  Amirul Mukminin Mosque  on the other side....

or boating around ... many boats stand by on the jetty to get passengers ...

or, just enjoying the sunset from the the waterfront ledge

Afternoons and evenings are always enjoyable at Losari Beach ..
citizens can do many activities at the square..

 Many kind of food can be found here ..

makassar kuliner

And this 'culinary zone' is only one step away from the square

makassar kuliner

I think, Losari Beach is a good example of a successful development of public facility in Indonesia, because it gives citizens of all strata a place to gather and hang-out. 
No fares, easy to access, clean and well-maintained surroundings, are supporting factors that makes Losari Beach a favorite place for locals.

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