Sabtu, 08 Desember 2012

Pindul Cave Tubing Yogyakarta

Why You Should Try This Cave Tubing


Pindul cave is located at Gunung Kidul, a region 12 km north of Wonosari, Yogyakarta. By car, it's only 1.5 hours from Yogya city center, with good road condition. Surrounded by mountains, Gunung Kidul has several rivers flowing through caves, one of the caves is Pindul Cave.

The cave's beauty has attracted visitors to explore it, and for the past couple of years cave tubing has been very popular,especially for domestic tourists. It's relatively safe and easy to do ; just sit on a big floating tube , follow the current, and enjoy the surroundings. You can choose between Kalisuci (Suci river) or Pindul river. Last week I had a chance to do it at Pindul river (flowing through Pindul Cave), Bejilharjo village.

This horizontal Pindul cave has width of 5m, length of 350 m, and height of 4 m. Depth of river varies from point to point, ranges from 2 - 7 m (there're mixed information about this depth, but several sources mentioned about 7 m as the deepest point). Total journey is about 1 hour, cave condition is good, with a total-dark region in the middle of it, and calm water. You'll be provided a life jacket and a pair of rubber shoes. The guides wear headlamps. They will explain about the cave in detail: the stalagtite, stalagmite, vertical cave, and other information worth knowing.

These photos will sure explain it better than words..

Preparing to Enter Pindul Cave

Pindul Cave Entrance From The Inside

Huge Stalagtite of Pindul Cave
Vertical Cave Near Pindul Exit

Exit Part of Pindul Cave is A Small Dam

Basecamp of WIrawisata Pindul Cave Tubing Provider

Ticket is IDR 75,000 for bundled package of Pindul dan Oyo river tubing, including traditional Javanese breakfast (steamed brown rice, tempeh, tofu, papaya leaf, and empal) and snacks. Basecamp facility includes bathroom and deposit counter.

If you want to explore further Bejilharjo Village, I'd recommend you to choose bundled package of Pindul Cave and Oyo River. Check about Oyo River Tubing Adventure