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Bandung Culinary - Indonesian & Asian Food

Bandung offers rich choice of food, as well as snacks. From traditional one (Sundanese) to Asian, European, and fusion food. 
Restaurants in my review below is based on my personal valuation of food taste, restaurant ambience, service and overall quality (what you get for what you pay).  
Extend your stay at Bandung, and spoil your tongue here:

Sundanese/Indonesian Food

Raja Rasa  

Jl. Setra Ria No.1 , ph +62-22-200-5070

Good even for beginners to Indonesian culinary. Seafood and Sundanese cuisine at cozy atmosphere. Building has many openings, makes it very convenient to enjoy Bandung's cool weather. Spacious 2nd storey with large wooden table and floor-seat (lesehan) is our favourite. Good taste, fair price. 
Recommended : gurame bakar Jimbaran (BBQ pond fish with Balinese spice).

Bumbu Desa

Bandung outlets:
Jl. Setiabudi no 41, Jl. Laswi no 1, Jl Pasirkaliki (HOS Cokroaminoto) no 160

Traditional old-time sundanese cuisine cooked in traditional way.  Sundanese has some vegetables rarely found in other ethnics' culinary dictionary, like leunca, tespong, genjer, oncom. This restaurant brings those and other authentic Sundanese food compound in authentic kampong taste. You'd better eat in traditional way, too  : with your hands!!



Chinese Food

Jing Paradise 

Jalan Dr. Setiabudi 269-275 

Photos of Jing Paradise, Bandung

This photo of Jing Paradise is courtesy of TripAdvisor
 A newly-opened (mid 2012) fine dining restaurant serving fusion-style Chinese food, in an excellently designed restaurant. From premium shark's fin to abalon soup, from shrimp with wasabi sauce to peking duck, all comes perfectly cooked, beautifully decorated. First class taste, good ambience, is a trade-off of what you pay.  Choice of set menu (start from IDR 198,000++/pax) or a la carte.

Highly recommended place for business lunch/dinner, for family special occasion, or for just enjoying first class restaurant. Select your wine from the rack and let the celebration begins!
No pork, no lard.


Jl.Merdeka no 2 (ground floor of Panghegar Hotel), ph +62-22-4232286

This resto offers wide range of chinese cuisine : life fish, seafood, poultry, beef, vegetables, dim-sum. Excellent taste. Not a budget restaurant, some dishes are a little bit overpriced. Good news is, from time to time they offers discount promo  (e.g. free roasted peking duck for purchase of IDR 500,000, buy 1 get 1 free for dimsum on certain days).
No pork. 


Po Ka Tiam (non-halal)

Jalan HOS Cokroaminoto 64 (a.k.a Jalan Pasirkaliki), ph  +62-22-4240928 

Serving dimsum, noodle, barbecued pork/chicken/duck, kaya-toast and several other malay cuisine as laksa mee and carrot cake. Good taste, budget friendly price, makes it always crowded. 
Recommended : 500 gr baby-back ribs with frech fries (IDR 110.000), porridge with pitam egg, kwetiauw siram.



Other Asian Food

Tomo Sushi & More

Parijs Van Java (PVJ) Mall, Lower Ground (Jl Sukajadi), ph +62-22-82063778

Two thumbs up for Tomo! Value beats price here. Among many Japanese restaurant at Bandung, I would recommend this one for choice of menu, taste, food freshness, service and price.

Baked salmon

Recommended starters include Baked Salmon, Spicy Jellyfish and Eel Salad. Wide range of rolls priced from IDR 20k - 70k will splendor your meal.

Children will love kid-special baked rice with cheese/ salmon topping (IDR 55k).

Seafood Karaino Udon

If you're keen of Japanese noodle, spare enough space in your stomach for the ramen or udon. They do come in large portion (also the Donburi) .

Check for any promotion, either form certain bank's credit card, or restaurant promotion.

Korean House

Jl Sukajadi no.175, ph +62 22 2031626

Owned by Korean couple live in Bandung, this restaurant has authentic Korean taste. Excellent taste, many choice of food (Japanese food is also available here),  charming korean-style interior. Not a budget restaurant, but not overpriced either.

The Kimchi comes for free and has just the right level of spice, and the right level of sour, makes you demand more and more of it. 
Try their beef bulgogi, dakthwigim and bibimbab. Majority food portion is large, ask for assistance about this (they have competent waiters). Also serves pork.

Thai Palace

Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No.345, Istana Plaza 1st Floor (Jl HOS Cokroaminoto No.121)

Photos of Thai Palace, Bandung
This photo of Thai Palace is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Thai food at Bandung? Only Thai Palace upto this time. Excellent food in large portion, good ambience (esp. at Jl Juanda branch), fair price.
We love the Tom Yam Gong, and for beef we recommend either green or red curry (green curry is a bit spicy). Chicken wrapped in pandan leaf (Gai Ho Bai Tei) and Nang Rong chicken (photo) is a good choice, too.





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