Sabtu, 08 Desember 2012

Oyo River Tubing

Dare to Body-raft This River?

This is the 2nd part post about Gunung Kidul River  Tubing.

After admiring the stalagtites of Pindul Cave, continue enjoying the nature of Bejilharjo Village by walking along a rice field headed to Oyo River..

Following the Padi Field Heading To Oyo RIver

Stream at the start point of Oyo River is a bit hard, so hold your handle tight, relax, and let your tube float freely..
Start Point
After that short adrenalin moment, enjoy the unique karst stone along Oyo River

For safety reason, remember to get attached to each other. Although Oyo River has slow current on its surface, but once you swim it you'll find it a bit hard to counter the stream.