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Hunting Nature Around Bandung 1

These places offers you a piece of nature and are within 1-2 hours drive from Bandung. Please note, that as one of the most populated cities in the world, you're likely to find those place packed with local visitors during weekends and holidays.

The Tangkuban Parahu Crater

Tangkuban Parahu is famously known for its unique shape like an upturned boat ('Tangkuban' in Sundanese means upturned, while 'Parahu' means boat). It's located 30 km northern Bandung. This volcano is now dormant (last eruption was 1959) and has 3 'kawah' (craters): Kawah Ratu, Kawah Upas and Kawah Domas . Before visiting Tangkuban Parahu, you might want to know the legend of Tangkuban Parahu.

Tangkuban Parahu view from Bandung. Photo: encycl.opentopia.com

Kawah Ratu is the biggest and located just near the parking lot, and you can view the deep large crater from above, most of the time covered by thin mist because of low temperature. Sulfuric fume leaves the crater's surface up the gulch and to upper atmoshphere, brings distinct sulfur smell.
Kawah Ratu . Photo :http://www.navigasi.net

From Kawah Ratu, you can go to Kawah Upas which is located next to Kawah Ratu and about 20 minutes walking. Trail is steep and slippery at some points. Kawah Upas has flat dan shallow surface, with wild plants on its surroundings.

Kawah Upas. Photo : http://www.navigasi.net
The third crater of Tangkuban Parahu is Kawah Domas, located 1.2 km from Kawah Ratu. The track down to Kawah Domas is a steep footpat and only a few visit this crater. For those not familiar with hiking, the journey to Domas can be exhausting.

Track to Kawah Domas. Photo : http://ayowisata.wordpress.com

Down the crater, you can soak your legs in warm sulfuric mud and even boil an egg.

Kawah Domas. Photo : http://ayowisata.wordpress.com

Visitors tips : 
  • Bring your jacket, a thick one, because temperature is oftentimes low even at noon. 
  • Strawberries, blue berries offered by peddlers are worth buying since they're fresh most of the time, but remember to check its condition and bargain.
  • I read that some visitors got extorted by some peddlers at Kawah Domas , it's recommended to  read some reviews from other travelers as a preparation to your Domas experience. 
  • If you have no intention to buy things from peddlers, don't give them even the slightest sign of interest. They will follow you if they think you'll probably buy from them.
  • Want to soak in a hot spring water pool ? I recommend you to visit Gracia Spa, just about 1 km northern Tangkuban Parahu. They have 3 large and clean pool, a hot spring waterfall, and villa. You can soak in a more private way compared to ones in the crowded Ciater.
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