Rabu, 06 Februari 2013

Elephant Safari Park - Ubud, Bali

See, Touch, Feed, Ride an Elephant

For Indonesians and other Asians, elephants can be seen in almost any local zoo, so you don't have to go to Taro (it's 2-3 hours driving uphill from Kuta) to see them (although I admit, my family and I enjoyed visiting this Elephant Safari Park in Taro, Ubud) .
But for visitors from other part of the world where elephants can rarely found, this is a must-see attraction, and makes Bali a one-stop holiday destination that offers everything from beach, culture, and nature.

WAIT....what's so special about this elephant sanctuary?
See which high profile celebrities visited Elephant Safari Park :
Photo : Elephant Safari Park Brochure

Jean Claude van Damme,  Claudia Schiffer, Julia Roberts, Tony Blair, David Beckham, Jesica Biel and  the late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, are only a few of them. 

Among several 'elephant parks' in Bali, this Elephant Safari Park in Taro - Ubud is the best, the closest to natural habitat of elephants and highly recommended for its neat, clean and well maintained surroundings, entertaining elephant attractions, and hotel facility (Elephant Safari Park Lodge). 

The Park

The area of Elephant Safari Park Ubud is about 3.5 hectares, and according to park's source they chose and grew plant species which are as close as possible to those found in the elephant's wild habitat. Elephants in this park originated form Sumatra, and thrive best in moist hills and forest, conditions perfectly matches with Taro.

Photo : Elephant Safari Park brochure

 Inside this area, there's a jungle track for elephant ride

Photo : Elephant Safari Park Brochure
...... an area for elephant attraction :

Elephant Soccer

He can draw (photo:Elephant Safari Park Brochure)

....a big pool for elephant bathing & feeding :

elephant feeding

elephant ride

elephant ride

......a fenced area for cute baby elephants :

elephant feeding

There's also  a boutique souvenir shop and a small museum. 

 The Elephant Safari Park Lodge

If you love to enjoy more facility in this park, you can stay at their Lodge

elephant ride
The Suite (photo:Elephant Safari Park brochure)
Then you'll be given other privileges, 
like elephant transfer service from your room's door to the restaurant :

and participating in elephant bathing :

elaphant safari

You can see which package suits you in Elephant Safari Park website
AND, remember not to let your driver mistakenly take you to other 'elephant parks' !!
I think visiting them in Taro is worth everything . It worked for me !

note : this is my objective review of this establishment, I don't have any correlation with them, nor receive any commission  from them.