Rabu, 14 November 2012

Choosing The Right Luggage

Planning for a successful holiday involves choosing the right suitcase.
Just imagine, you have to pull your heavy suitcase and bring it into a crowded public bus. In such condition, it will be more comfortable for you to bring a backpack. 

There're several things you should take into account when choosing the type of suitcase (off course, first of all you have to decide how much stuffs you'll bring during your travel) :


Are you going to bring it as a cabin carry-on baggage? Or as a check-in baggage? 

There's still misperception, that every airline has the same policy about  carry-on baggage. In fact, each has its own policy : the linear length (sum of height +width+ length in inch or cm), weight, and some applies pieces.
Generally 45-inch linear length suitcase (22x14x9) will be acceptable in airplane's cabin- off course if it fits weight restriction.

For check-in baggage, with some airways you can choose the weight range (baggage fare applied according to the weight). Others determine maximum baggage weight by ticket type - business and first class tickets are given bigger allowance than economy class tickets.

Make sure you check your airline's policy about the two types of baggage. 

Are you travelling in a tour group or on your own itinerary?

Travelling in a tour group, you can bring your big-sized suitcase as check-in baggage, because the tour leader will appoint porters and arrange the mobilization of your baggage from the bus to your hotel room and so on. You just pay the porter charges. 

If you travel on your own, be prepared  to carry your luggages without any help. In some countries, taxi driver will not help you with the luggage, yes...you have to lug them and place them in taxi's trunk by your own. When we're in Hongkong, a doorman at the hotel didn't even care about  our luggage....just carry it by yourself, hah !! We're lucky the hotel still got an elevator ;)  The other day near Istanbul, we had to lug our luggages up the stairs step by step to 2nd floor because there's no elevator!! So, choose wisely, and bring luggages that your hands will be able to carry .

Here's an illustration of comparation between a person's height and suitcase size :


A luggage with wheels like in the picture above is easy to lug and will free your body from heavy burden. Some have expandable zip, some have hard sides. 

Backpack with Adjustable Strap

A backpack will provide more flexibility to carry. Choose one with ergonomic design that spread the wight evenly on your shoulder, waist, and back.

Duffle Bag

A duffle bag can be either carried by hand or slung on your shoulder. When choosing this type, be aware of how heavy you can bring. 



This is a very personal issue, and depends on your budget (leather luggage is more expensive than polyester one). Nylon is durable and still has flexibility to stretch a bit (allow you to fill your luggage to its maximum strecth-ability). Polycarbonate is extremely tough and lightweight, but not stretchable. Polyester is budget-friendly and yet durable (below nylon), makes it favourite for travellers.

Luggage Locks

Nowadays airports everywhere have higher safety standar, including for checked baggage. Airport security has full authority to open any suspicious luggage for investigation, even if it's locked. In the past time, this process caused damage to the luggage, because it was forced to open. 
But now, with a breakthrough TSA-recognized lock, it won't happen anymore. This special lock allows a security agent to open your luggage using a universal master key, so they won’t have to break your lock.
There're many designs in the market (just look for TSA logo) 
TSA padlock

While, newly produced luggages have the TSA lock built-in on the unique-number combination lock :

So, now you're ready to get your new luggage, good luck and happy travel !!