Sabtu, 06 Oktober 2012

Cruising, A Luxurious Way To Travel

Why Is Cruising Irresistible?

Several years ago my husband and I decided to take our children and parents cruising. Because there was no cruise line departing from Indonesia, we chose the nearest embarkation port - Singapore. Our  itinerary was Singapore - Langkawi - Phuket - Singapore operated by Star Cruise. The point is, our cruise holiday has been one of the best holiday ever!! I always remember how that 'cruise fever' lasted for months, as my parents - very proudly - kept telling everyone about that holiday. Read on and find out what makes cruising adorable for everyone !

Advantages of Cruising

You travel several countries in one vehicle

Travelling from one to another country by other transportation mode involves packing and un-packing each time we arrive and depart form one destination, going to airports/railway station, which means spending time to do all such things. 
Cruising will save the time spent for those, that's why it's an advantage you won't find with other transportation mode.

While on-board, you still can do your normal activities - with luxurious facilities

Ocean-view Swimming Pool
Sleeping, eating, bathing, and enjoy the luxurious facilities of the ship : swimming, movie-watching in mini theatre, book reading in the library, sporting at the gym, singing in karaoke, and even golfing! And, there're many events prepared by the Cruise Director, designed to cheer everyone of every age (themed parties, cooking, fishing competition, etc) - don't miss his schedule!

Extravagant Lobby

Rooms aboard are comfortable with complete amenities

Room with Balcony
Rooms are catagorised into several classes just like hotels. Rooms with balcony are more expensive than ones with windows only.It's worth staying in these types of room, since you can see the ocean and everything else outside.  Inside rooms which don't have windows to the outer world, is more economical but still comfortable. By sacrifying ocean panorama from your room, you still can enjoy free view to the sea from decks, restaurants, and other parts of the cruise. And, just like hotels, rooms on higher level (higher deck) are priced higher than ones on lower levels.
Inside room occupying 4 persons

All meals are inclusive in the tariff

Yes,wide variety of breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper is served daily in restaurants aboard. These six times meals daily won't let any empty room in your stomach. Asian cruise lines usually have a-la-carte chinese-food restaurant, european buffet restaurant, and vegetarian restaurant. Sometimes they also provide mediterranean food corner. During meal time you just choose which restaurant you want to try. Make sure you try all restaurants aboard :)))
Notes: sometimes they also provide additional beverages whose price are not included in the cruise fare, so check about it before you order.

Flexible itinerary  at each port of call

Cruise's itinerary includes docking at some cruise port. At these ports, you have several shore excursion options (arranged by the cruise line, additional cost applied), or you can just explore around by yourself. If you opt to join shore excursion, you should pre-book it by the time you got aboard.

Cruise Operators and Embarkation Ports

Several cruise lines operates only in one region, like Star Cruise  in Asia, while others like  Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruise, and Princess Cruise explores the 5 continents from America to Australia. 

In Asia, Singapore, Phuket (Thailand), Hongkong, Bali (Indonesia), Langkawi (Malaysia) and Ha-Long-Bay (Vietnam) are some or the most popular embarkation ports.