Minggu, 11 Agustus 2013

Taiwan - A Country of Night Market Tradition

What Place to Visit When You Travel to Taiwan

Night markets !!

In Taiwan, almost every city has its night market(s)

leo ho liou he
Eternally Packed with Visitors

Traditional night markets sells food and drinks, while more modern ones sell clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, confectioneries, besides food and drinks. Prices are fixed for food (and they put the price on large boards on the food stalls, no scam), while you can bargain a little bit for clothing. In my opinion, most of the goods are fairly priced.

So, whenever you travel to Taiwan, make sure to complete it with a memorable night market experience...

Taipei : Shilin Night Market


Among others, this one is my favorite. Off course...it's Taipei’s most famous and most popular night market. Shihlin is made up of two different sections: the food vendors opposite the Jiantan Metro Station and clothing/apparel/other goods market is around the Yang Ming Cinema on Anping Street, Dadong Road and Wenl. 

Although it's crazy crowded, it offers unique atmosphere for comfortable, enjoyable shopping. Shop clerks are patient and friendly , unlike in some other countries.
During my visit, because of limited time, I only walked the clothing section of Shihlin Night Market. Besides clothing and apparel of affordable price, there're also  branded shoes outlets s(NIke, Adidas, Puma, Reebok,etc).

Kaoshiung : Liou He Night Market (a.k.a Leo Ho)

A traditional night market dominated by food sellers.
Be sure to come with empty stomach, and eat the night away!!

First of all, don't come to Taiwan if you don't dare to taste its iconic stinky tofu :

taiwan food
Stinky Tofu

This Coffin Bread is damn yummy, only NT 60 :

taiwan travel
Coffin Bread

Look for this stall with the nice Aunty that sells Coffin Bread (it sells other food like pork sausage, rice and steamboat) :

to taiwan
Coffin Bread Stall

Oyster lover should not miss this oyster omelette (NT 50)

leo ho liou he
Oyster Omelette
Oyster Omelette Stall

You know what famous celebrities hunt at Liou He Market ? Papaya milk ! A thirst quencher packed with vit C, fruit fiber and anti-oxidant for only NT 50

papaya milk leo ho liou he
Find it only at this stall, with photos of their actors, actress, and politicians costumers :

leo ho liou he fruit juice
.....bitter gourd juice is also popular nowadays, taste it !

And, to make a long story short, you can find almost any kind of Taiwanese food at Liou He Night Market  (except vegatarian food..I also have no idea why there's no single vegan food stall there). Fresh sea food, any part and any form of pork, ice cream, red bean ice, Xiao Long Bao, stinky tofu, much more. You'll love the food, you'll love the price, you'll love the experience. Leo Ho (Liou He) is a must when you visit Kaoshiung.


Kaoshiung : Shinkuchan (Shinkujiang) Night Market

Another night market in Kaoshiung is Shinkuchan (Shinkujiang)  . Located in the middle of Sinkuchan commercial district at the heart of Kaoshiung,  this Shinkuchan (Shinkujiang) market sells mostly ladies and youngster clothes . You will also find fashion boutiques, jewelries, cosmetics, beauty salons, coffee shops, restaurants, peddlers here. Many stores sell imported goods from Japan, Europe and Hongkong. 


Chiayi : Wenhua Road Night Market

Located near Chiayi Culture Park, this Wenhua Night Market covers an area of about half kilometer of Wenhua Road's pedestrian. Almost any kind of Taiwanese snacks can be found here, and also fashion - especially for ladies.
The sellers build their stalls early before night falls, side by side between food stalls and durable goods .

chiayi night market
Octopus ball

Not enough night culinary and shopping journey ?? You should visit Tamshui Old Street market and Ximending .