Selasa, 09 Juli 2013

Controlling Smartphone Data Roaming While Abroad (Part 2)

Avoid Heart Attack And Let Your Smartphone Roam Data Until a Certain Bytes

On Part 1 I've explained how to set your smartphone (Android, iphone) or Blackberry to totally disable internet connection/ data service.
Here in Part 2, I'll share about how to limit your data service by setting a quota.


And remember, do this before departing abroad

Option-2 : Setting a quota/limit for internet/ data roaming

You need to install an app such as 3G Watchdog or Data Counter Widget.
I use 3G Watchdog where I can  specify my own quota and starting date:
smartphone data roam

also when to receive alert (e.g upon 75% quota usage) and option to auto-disable data when usage has reached a certain percentage of the stated quota :
oversesas iphone

Then you can see how much data you've used :
internet quota app
Once data usage reaches the auto-disabled number, your data service will be autmatically turned off (you will see it on Settings -> Wireless and Network --> Use packed Data is disabled).

When you've reached your destination, don't miss this important step:

You should select a service provider that's partner to your SIM card provider. Partners will charge you less than non-partners . So make sure you have the list of partners before you go abroad. 

Selecting a partner service provider :



A dialog box will appear asking to search for available network , select OK (or YES)
Wait while your smartphone search for network provider.
Then you'll see a list of available networks:
In above screen capture, choices are Indosat, Telkomsel, Axis, XL, and 3.
Choose the one that's partner to your SIM card provider.

With these 2 easy steps, hopefully your phone bill is under control. Happy traveling !!